Limited Assistance Representation

What is limited assistance representation?

This is an arrangement we can enter into, allowing you to remain in control of your case and control the costs associated with litigation. Its like having a lawyer in your back pocket. You can utilize my knowledge, skills and experience, only when you need it. You are advised of the fee before any work is completed, usually a flat fee, of which we will discuss prior to any obligation.

How it works

Very simply, you and I meet, or discuss the matter over the phone. Then I can advise you of how I can help you, and will give you a price. I will give you a fee agreement, and you can sign it and return it with the required funds and I do what I promise to do. That's it. Once my work is done, you are back in the driver's seat.


You are not going to receive a huge bill at the end of your case and you don't need to come up with thousands of dollars for a retainer. You pay before any work is completed and you know up front what the cost is going to be. We can discuss ways where you can perform some of the work to minimize the expense. There is no reason why you should have to face legal issues alone.

Very Easy

This type of arrangement only takes a few moments to create. It can be done at the consultation, or over the phone, with the assistance of email, or fax.